Reader Submission Form

Reader Submission

for faculty
  • What is the turn around time for my reader?This depends on several factors: the size of the reader, the number of students in the class and, most importantly, when the material is submitted. Because we operate on a first come first serve basis, the sooner your material is submitted, the sooner the reader will be printed. Generally, for medium size (250 pgs) short run (50 copies or less) the product can be available in 5 days if we get the originals a week before class starts.
  • Please allow a minimum of five production days for your reader to become available for sale of at the AS Ticket Office.
  • Desk copies come with a clear front cover and black back cover. Titling on the spine is also standard with tape bound orders.
  • 5 Maximum
    Removes shadows and lines from digital pages created from hand scanning of originals.
  • The paper color you would like to use for your front and back covers.
    Also know as facing pages, this option allows each article or section to start on the right hand page of the reader. This option adds blank backing pages to your reader where required.
    Adds page numbers to your reader.
  • Please select a binding method.
  • Drop files here or
    Accepted file types: pdf, jpeg, gif, docx.
  • Files larger then 7.8 MB will need to sent through a cloud based file sharing service. We commonly use UCSB Box, DropBox, and Google Drive.