The AS Publications Service is a full service copy shop available to UCSB student groups, faculty, and staff.

For general copy services pricing, please call: 805-893-4471 or email:

You can also use this email address to mail files or you can bring your materials to the shop as hard copy, on disk, or on a memory stick.

Faculty Services, including Class Readers and other Classroom Materials

Bring originals to the shop or for information and to make special arrangements call: 893-4471 or after hours 805-452 3387

The AS Publications Service is committed to giving you the best possible service. We also care about the environment. Our white paper is 100% post-consumer recycled. Our machines are state of the art. And we will recycle readers at the end of the quarter.


To purchase AS Class Readers go to the AS Cashiers and Ticket Office, Hours: Monday-Friday 10 to 5


Where are we?

UCen Room 1531

Next to the AS Cashiers and Ticket Office windows